Travelling with a Dog in Asia – Thailand Specific

The Quarantine office on arrival in Thailand is simple and efficient.  The office is located just to one side of the baggage claim area and is open whenever the airport is.  I took Missy and her papers, all freshly updated from Vietnam, to the office and was greeted by a lovely fellow who was charming, helpful, and very kind. He processed all the documents very quickly and the cost was just 100 THB, that a little over $3 in both US and Australian money.

When leaving Thailand the process is a lot more complicated and time consuming.  You need to notify the Quarantine office three days prior to travel and then visit the office.   The office is located some distance from the main terminal, so you need to take a bus.  It took me almost half an hour just to find out where to get the bus as it is not well sign posted and the local staff did not understand me.

Having found the office the process was reasonably simple and it was only the paperwork that took time.  I had arrived with oodles of time to spare, but it was a rush at the end as it took them almost 4 hours to process the document I needed.  The document is flight specific, so if you miss your flight you have to go back for a new form.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Thailand –         No gold stars- very small

Thailand is a nightmare with a pooch.  Little dogs are not welcome anywhere, hotels, motels, condos or apartments.  In fact, even renting a house can be a problem with a dog.  They are universally rejected  on all transportation, so a bus or train between locations is also not possible in most cases. I did manage one bus trip, between Chonburi and Korat, but it was on an old government bus and they made me pay for two seat. The bus took six hours (its only  4 hours on the decent bus service) and it stopped in every watering hole between Chonburi and Korat. It was dirty, smelly and not a fun trip. I usually had to pay for a taxi for almost every trip in Thailand.  Thailand is definitely not a a pet friendly place despite the millions of for dogs roaming the streets in every city, town and village.

I just don't understand why they don't love me here ....

I just don’t understand why they don’t love me here ….


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