Is Thailand Headed for Another Civil War?

It seems I might have had a timely escape from Thailand as the country teeters on the brink of civil war again.


An article posted January 2nd on suggests that the Capital siege [is] set for Jan 13.


The Army and the Police, both frighteningly corrupt Thai institution, are now involved.  The Army have suggested that they have not ruled out another military coup and the Police, who initially denied any involvement in violence against protesters have now admitted that they were involved.


An article on Zero Hedge suggests that  Thailand is imploding.

This was one of the interesting responses posted in regards to the article;

One thing you must understand about Thailand is nobody, and I mean nobody, especially government and those whose votes it bought, ever repays a loan or honours a contract, or pays taxes for that matter. Thailand has been bankrupt since 2010 but has been holding on with low interest rates and credit, both at the government and consumer levels. Rolling debt over, and over. The game is almost up now with Thai families leveraged at more than 2 times annual income and the government trying to issue bonds to pay subsidies on rice to buy the votes of farmers for the upcoming elections.

Crime and the breakdown of law and order have reached levels I have not seen before. the Shinawatra crime syndicate has stolen everything not nailed down and they are now trying to do treaties without parliament vote giving up rights to patent on local herbs and medicines, bringing in GMOs, even trying to build a US military base without a vote of parliament. the Shinawatras have brought back their Cambodian mercenaries to Bangkok and they are picking off the opposition with sniper fire …


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