Savage Payback by Seumas Gallache

Savage Payback 

I was delighted to have an opportunity to read Seumas’ new book as it was launched on Amazon a little over a week ago, the 25th of October.   It arrived, via the infobahn, just as the rains started to fall and the forecast was for downpours to continue for the next week. Ha, what did I care, I had a new book to read so let it rain!

The official synopsis reads;

A series of coordinated lethal bomb attacks on a dozen jewelry stores in London’s West End drag former SAS officer, Jack Calder and his specialist security firm, International Security Partners, into a deadly mesh of murder and international drug running.

A black ops explosives expert, an ex-colleague turned renegade mercenary with a twisted lust for revenge, emerges from the past to join forces with a powerful and dangerous drug baron from Eastern Europe.

A major cocaine trafficker from South America compounds the threats as competitive turf issues straddle international territories.

Attacks close to home heighten the urgency for Calder and his team to find and deal with each of the three sinister adversaries in a final savage payback.

I finished the book in two days, there was not walking away from it.  This intricate, realistic thriller will have your heart racing from the first page as the story open with an almighty explosion.  The complex plot twists and turns as the tale unfolds, and the body count grows, and when the threat becomes personal the twists take some unexpected turns.

It has been described as violent, realistic and very fast but it will also make you laugh as the characters reveal themselves and the banter between friends lightens the mood before you take the next great dip down this roller coaster ride.  I love the way Seumas develops his characters.  We don’t find out about them immediately, we grow to know them, respect them, love them and fear them.  He made me irked at the irksome, I just wanted to slap Lang, and feel the pain of Jack when he took a moment to fall apart.  It bought me to tears, this strong and dependable man showing, just for a minute, his pain.  It was gut wrenching.

Seumas doesn’t need, or use, long descriptions he managers to convey the picture with a few well-chosen words. My favourite line in the book, ‘The hangover dressed his face.’ What more needs to be said?

As I read the line, ‘The sun broke through the dark-tinged morning rain clouds making the glare of reflected sunlight from the dampened street intrusive to the eye.’ I felt myself squint and I cringed as I read, ‘The layered, reinforced entrance shattered into hundreds of pieces of malicious, glass shrapnel.’

As I got closer to the end of the book I found myself wanting to slow down. I wasn’t sure I was ready for the story to be over but I needed to know how it was all to be resolved.  I feel I got to know the characters well and I needed to know they were all going to be OK but I wasn’t sure I wanted to walk away from being a part of their lives just yet.

This book really is a great read and I am so happy I have discovered this fabulous author.  He has two other Jack Calder books out  and so  I can spend some time catching up on Jack’s life while hoping that Seumas is working on the next installment.

Seumas Gallache has  great blog site that will make you laugh till you cry.  He won the 2013 Blogger of the Year and and you have to watch his video!

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