On the Move Once Again – Mexico, Here I come.

I haven’t posted in a while,  I offer no excuse other than time has been short.  It has been a busy, and eventful, year but not one that inspired me to write.  I think this means its time to move on to another adventure.

I have had a lovely year back in South Korea.   I have caught up with old friends, made some wonderful new friends, visited favourite haunts, and eaten more fabulous Korean food, but it is time for a new adventure.

I have decided to move away from Asia and head to the Americas.  I am going to Tuxtla, Chiapas, in the south east of Mexico.  I am very excited about this move as I lived in Mexico when I was a little girl.  My parents were posted to Mexico City and we spent almost two years there.  I visited again as I got older but haven’t been back in quite a while so it feels like a new adventure.

I am going to spend a few weeks in Charleston on my way to Mexico.  Charleston is another place I have wanted to visit but not had the opportunity to before.  My daughter currently lives there and so I will get to spend some time with her which makes my visit even more exciting.  She is already making lists of places I must see, things I must do, and foods I must taste.

So I hope to have lots of new stories to tell, and pictures to show, of my visit to Charleston and then of my new home in Tuxtla.

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