An Unusual Sunday Morning

Kathi and I had an amazing time together this Sunday morning – and her blog about our adventure is fabulous. An adventure shared is always so much more fun – and Kathi is a wonderful adventurer…


Today, January 19, is the Feast of the Epiphany according to the old Julian calendar, which the Orthodox Church in Russia follows.  It is also the day of celebrating the baptism of Jesus – and for that reason, the date of the Blessing of the Waters ceremony. As it was a Sunday , it was a celebration Dee and I could go to – and although we didn’t understand what it was all about, we are both very curious about the happenings here in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.  All that we knew was that they cut a hole in the river ice in the park, someone jumps into it, and it was a big deal.  We were also told it began at 10 am.

Saturday morning, I took Snoopy for a walk in the park.  These men were chipping out the hole in the ice.  I had seen the hole in the ice…

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