A Barley Risotto Experiment


Inspired by the amazing Miriam Kresh, from the Israeli Kitchen,  I decided to to try my hand at a Barley Risotto.  I’m not usually a risotto fan but a barley risotto was just too tempting.

Sadly I could not make her ‘Barley Risotto With Zucchini And Walnuts‘ as I couldn’t get the ingredients, but undeterred I decided to experiment with what I could get. Thus was born the Char-grilled Beetroot, garlic, and onion risotto.  It was delicious and I am a convert, Barley Risotto is wonderful.

I’m not going to replicate the recipe, you can visit Miriam’s lovely blog for that.  I followed her instructions and just substituted the vegetables and added a little meat….

IMG_6032The garlic and onions, some chopped finely for step one, the remainder was to be grilled.  I actually ended up adding considerably more garlic to the grilling process – what can I say, I just love garlic….



Some of the other goodies I added …

IMG_6036 The wine is being absorbed by the barley, the aromas at this point were just fabulous.


Having just discovered that the oven in my new apartment did not work I had to resort to boiling the beetroot rather than roasting it.  Fortunately the grill in the oven did work so I could still char-grill ….

I used this slight set back to advantage, of course, and added all sorts of other goodies to the beetroot pot and made this the basis of the stock to be added later- my risotto was going to be pink…


The stock added, now it was just a matter of slowly simmering and stirring….

IMG_6041Ta-da!  The final feast was ready.

Thank you so much for the inspiration Miriam.  I am going to be playing with versions of this for some time.  It’s the perfect meal for a cold winter’s day.

Please feel free to share your musings here....

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