Thankful For The People in My Life (Re-blog)

Re blogged from The Corporate Caterpillar


Elizabeth posted a lovely blog, Thankful for the People in my Life,  that I think is worth sharing, especially as we begin a new year …

Have you ever noticed when things get really tough some people run as quickly as possible away from you? As my mother used to say, “These are your fair weather friends”. They are only there for the good weather and as soon as a storm comes in they move on. Sadly sometimes these are the people you think are the closest to you and it can be an extremely painful experience when you find out their true colors. This doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person; it just means they aren’t emotionally equipped to handle the current situation. The only thing you can really do is let that person go and move on because holding onto a grudge will just hurt you even more.

Then there are those people who are like the first responders to the scene of a major disaster. They have an innate sense when something is off and at just the right moment reach out to you to offer help or words of encouragement. These people will jump through hoops to ensure your well-being is OK. It could be a person you barely even know or someone as close as a family member. Either way their service to you is heroic and should never go unappreciated or without thanks.

Recently I’ve experienced both. I’ve had very close friends leave me because the weather got rough and very surprisingly people showed up to offer support and guidance that I barely even knew. These recent current of events have had me really thinking a lot lately about my life and the people in it and I want to take the opportunity to recognize and thank those friends and family members that have really stepped up and supported me through the tough times all throughout my life.

For the sake of their privacy I will not mention any names, but I am truly blessed, thankful, and grateful for you!

Please feel free to share your musings here....

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