Supporting Indie Writers and their wonderful work

As an avid reader I was delighted to discover the world of Indie Authors.  Six months ago I had never heard of them, or the term.  How happy I am to have been introduced into their world. I am now a huge fan of the whole concept of Indie writers and I think supporting them is a great use of my time.

So what is an Indie Author?

ALLi  – The Alliance of Independent Authors suggests a definition of Indies as;

Being an independent author is an approach to writing and publishing, a matter of self-definition. If you see yourself as the creative director of your books, from concept to completion and beyond, then you’re indie. And you make partnerships that help you deliver the best possible book to the most possible readers, trade publishers included.

I recently came across an interesting site that celebrates the independent author, the site, Indies Unlimited ,  prompted me to write this blog.  They describe their blog  in such a fascinating way that you just have to explore further;

Welcome to the top-ranking, nuclear-powered deathstar of a blog: Indies Unlimited. Yes, being in the presence of this site can be somewhat intimidating. With nearly 4000 blog posts and over 50,000 comments, we can understand that you might not know where to start. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Their page on How Indies Unlimited Works is really worth reading.  They also  make readers feel very welcome;

We love readers, of course. As authors, we live to please you.  At Indies Unlimited, we have a number of features especially for your pleasure …

Other Useful Sites to Visit;


Mark Coker started Smashwords in 2008 and has grown to become the world’s leading ebook publishing platform for indie authors and independent presses with over 250,000 titles in their collection.  85% of the net proceeds of book sales go straight to the author/publisher, that alone, in my opinion, makes them worth supporting.

What is Smashwords?

Smashwords is an ebook distributor. We make it fast, free and easy for authors and publishers to distribute ebooks to the world’s largest ebook retailers. Authors and publishers retain full control over how their works are published, sampled, priced and sold. If an author wants to give it away for free, they have that freedom.

Smashwords also has a special place in their hearts for the readers of the world;

What does Smashwords offer readers?
Smashwords is a virtual playground for those who love the written word. Readers can sample most works for free (and in many cases, read up to half of the book before they commit to a purchase decision); read in multiple DRM-free formats; create digital libraries of purchased and sampled works; publish reviews (including YouTube video book reviews); and “favorite” their favorite authors, publishers and works.

I have found hours of reading pleasures here and I’m so grateful to those that introduced me to this fabulous site.

The Indie Writers Network offers some great advice to writers and readers alike.

Holly Robinson offers some interesting insights into the debate around self publishing in her article ‘Should You Self Publish? From Traditional to Indie and Back Again: One Hybrid Author Tells All‘.

So I say, Long Live the Indie writers of the world. I am grateful for the work that you create and share with the readers of the world.

3 thoughts on “Supporting Indie Writers and their wonderful work

  1. Thank you to all those that read my wee offering and ‘Liked’ it 🙂 A happy and prosperous New Year to one and all … yes, I’m still celebrating New Year, it’s a 10 day holiday here …

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