Aniva Lighthouse

I feel a spring expedition coming on. This beautiful lighthouse is just 37 km from my new home ….

Remembering Letters and Postcards

Lighthouse Aniva

Sakhalin, Sea of Okhotsk

1939. Active; focal plane 40 m (131 ft); two white flashes every 24 s. 31 m (102 ft) round concrete tower with lantern and gallery, painted with black and white horizontal bands.  This light marks the very sharp cape at the southeastern corner of Sakhalin, on the north side of the eastern entrance to La Pérouse Strait. The lighthouse incorporates 7 floors of crew quarters; its construction at this isolated and dangerous spot was a significant accomplishment of Japanese engineering. Today the lighthouse is battered by the weather and much in need of restoration, but restoration has been complicated by remains of a nuclear power unit installed by the Soviets. Apparently this unit was removed recently. Located on a small islet just off the point of the cape. Accessible only by boat in very dangerous seas. Site and tower closed. – Lighthouse Directory

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