When Inspiration Needs a Nudge

I really enjoy spending time rambling through Martin’s blog site. He has some fabulous author interviews (use the search function at the bottom of the page to find them), an amazing selection of excerpts from his books which are beautiful to read, and some insightful thoughts and ideas to share. His latest blog
shares some wonderful inspirations, and links, for getting the creative juices flowing again. Thank you for another great post Martin.


I’ve written earlier about what I consider to be the seven stages of writing:








 There are links to this post and one about inspiration at the end of this post but today I’m going to focus on some practical suggestions regarding inspiration.

Every writer knows that time when the wells of inspiration seem to have dried up. It’s not writer’s block but it has the same effect. Your creative path peters out and you are left feeling there’s no way forward. 593px-Kurzweil_Despair

This post is about some ways I’ve found to help nudge inspiration when it’s gone off down the road for a cup of tea, perhaps in a huff at being overworked. Come back inspiration, all is forgiven.

I once read some research which found that when people who were considered creative were analysed, poked and prodded the one overall cause of…

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