Getting a Dog in Korea

My musing today is based on a post,   Question of the Day: Cava-Poo-Chons, are they perfect?, I read on Dawn Reno Langley’s great blog site.   The costs involved in buying a dog was one of the issues she raised. I am still gobsmacked by the price that some puppies fetch, and I have to ask why. I know that it’s expensive to access veterinary care, and you do need a good vet if you are going to breed dogs, but is it really that expensive?

I got my little Yorky in Korea. There are good and bad places to get pets in Asia, just like everywhere else in the world, and you do need to be very careful where you get them.  Puppy mills in Asia give a whole new meaning to the category but you can get them through very reputable vets and pet shops. Small dogs are very popular in Korea and a huge number of the urban population have them, love them, spoil them, and adore them. There are incredible pet supply stores everywhere selling an equally incredible variety of everything you might need, or want, for your pet. There are also a huge number of vets, many of whom speak very good English, so easy for the foreigner that wants a pet. The urban areas are very well set up for keeping a pet.

IPHONE JAN 2013 049 (2) (478x640)

My vet, who was a wonderful fellow, provided every service available for pets, including adding a Pet Hotel to his practice so that he could look after the pets while owners went on holiday. He was also a big supporter of the Animal Shelter and adoption of abandoned dogs. Some of the puppies he sold at his practice actually came from the Shelter, usually born there, or delivered there very soon after birth. He would take the puppies and nurse them through those first few weeks especially if there was no mother. He would take care of all medical issues and nurture them until they were about 8 weeks old when they were offered up for sale. Very young yes, but that aspect is not unusual in Korea.

The reason for this ramble, the average cost of a Yorky in Korea is about $US400 for a boy and $US650 for a girl, from a really reputable place. I have a friend that got one for around $200 and she was perfect. These dogs come vaccinated where age permits and in perfect health. There is no doubt they are not ‘mutts’, adorable as mutts are, they are pure breeds. No papers are offered of course, but I want a pet not a dog to breed or show. There is a reasonable selection of breeds available, and the Yorky is still amongst the most expensive there, but compared to the west these puppies are very inexpensive. Vet care is also very cheap compared to ‘home’ countries, but then the vets don’t run the risk of being sued if they do something wrong either.

As an aside, I must also here add, in defense of Yorkies everywhere, they are not all yappy! My little girl, who is of course perfect in every way, is not a yappy dog. She is actually very quiet, must be her wonderful owner’s influence, and only really barks when she is playing guard dog. She does occasionally labour under the delusion that she’s a Rottweiler and my personal bodyguard.

My Little Guard Dog (3) (478x640)

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