Vinegar is my Friend

vinegar bottles antiqueFor years I have been saying to friends and acquaintances alike, ‘OH, you can use vinegar for that …’

Can’t buy floor cleaner?  Trust me there are countries you will visit that do not sell any type of floor cleaner or disinfectant.  Vinegar!

Got a shirt that’s a bit icky under the arms – too much deodorant because you live in a country that doesn’t sell floor cleaner and is really, really hot ….  Vinegar!

Need to clean the dogs ears?  A vet told me this one; one part vinegar to 4 parts water, preferably warm rather than cold-you are going to stick this in the dog’s ear.  Using a cotton bud, and the vinegar & water mix, you gently clean the inside of their ears, its great to combat mites …

Applied, neat, to a bee sting it eases the irritation ….

There are a great selection of web sites that can give you all sorts of interesting information about vinegar.  Some of my favourites are;

The Vinegar Institute has oodles of information from Vinegar Lore  through to Uses and Tips.

The WiseBread site has 254 Uses for Vinegar, and counting

Reader’s Digest also offers a page on 150+ Household Uses for Vinegar.

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