…Authors’ definition of ‘RECIPROCATION’… it’s a big WURD meaning ‘paying it back’, ‘paying it forward’, ‘paying it sideways’… #TBSU…

Another great post by Seumas. I learn so much from what he shares on a daily basis, thank you again for your generosity, and the giggles 🙂

 Blog Scratchers Corner (Thanks Seumas) – #TBSU

Seumas Gallacher

…the most enjoyable payments in this WURLD are the ones that don’t involve money … yeez’ll note the hashtag ‘#TBSU’ carried on all my blogposts… some of yeez already know it means ‘The Blog Scratchers Union’ … simply put, for all yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land,…you scratch my blog, and I’ll scratch your blog…’ …yeez list the blogs of good folks that come across yer paths in the course of a day or week or whatever, and give them a mention…then yeez pass it on, and pass it on, and so on… but that’s just the start… I’m a great believer that yeez reap what yeez sow… good and bad… the SOSYAL NETWURKIN universe is where most of we virtual quill-scrapers live… and that’s where yeez reciprocate best… I may be just ‘teaching my Grandmother how to suck eggs’in telling yeez this stuff, but it’s…

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