Talking with authors

I really love messing about on Martin’s blog. He has these great author interviews, and they really are worth reading, but there is so much more there too. Martin often puts morsels from his books up to temp our appetites. These gourmet tit bits tantalise me and I find myself slipping back there just to make sure I have nibbled every crumb …


I’ve had the pleasure of talking with a number of great authors over the past year. If you’re interested in the art and craft of writing it’s really worth taking a look. You can find the talks by searching for author names using the little Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass on the top right of the blog or by clicking on ‘author interviews’ at the end of this

Most of my talks, though not all, have been with historical novelists. They include Ben Kane, Elizabeth Chadwick, Manda Scott, Colin Falconer, David Gaughran, Justin Hill, Angus Donald, Douglas Jackson,  Giles Kristian, Gordon Doherty, Harvey Black, James Aitchieson, James Wilde,  Lynn Shepherd, N. Gemini Sasson, Carol McGrath, Paul Dorset, Prue Batten, Robyn Young, Simon Toyne, SJA Turney and Ty Johnston.

You can find interviews of me on the blogs of Gordon Doherty, Ty Johnston and Paul Dorset.

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