October Update – I’m Back!

I have posted nothing  some time and there is a reason for that, and in a few weeks I will post a series of updates – and then it will become clear!

I finally gave up on trying to get my original Menopausal Miss blog site to do the things I wanted it to do and so I have moved back to Word Press.  I’m think I’m getting old,  I cannot cope with new things, or remember the things I am supposed to do to make them work, so  in frustration I have come back to a spot I know works and I know how to make work!   Obviously I still have oodles of work to do to get this spot ship-shape, but the bones are here now and I can fill them in over the next few weeks and then start some regular blogging again.    

I have added some links to my Kiwi in Korea site, just the things I think might interest others….

I’m really enjoying a  MOOCs course that I am currently doing through 
Coursera  which is an education company that managers university courses offered online for free. The courses are called MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) Its amazing, and the list of classes you can take is huge. I’m currently doing one called Plagues, Witches & War; The World’s of Historical Fiction and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in Historical Fiction. Not only do you get to read amazing books and view incredible lectures, you get to ‘meet’ with some wonderfully interesting people and share in some really in-depth conversations. Its been a great experience so far and there are another 6 weeks to go.

While we are on the topic of books and reading, I was fortunate enough to be given a copy of a new book to read. Seumas Gallacher is a crime thriller writer, and he honoured me with a copy of his new book Savage Payback for review. Being a Lee Child’s fan I was very excited at the prospect of reading this book as the main character is an ex-SAS officer now working for a private security company called International Security Partners. The book was fabulous and I lost the weekend to it, and it was worth it. Actually, it was the perfect weekend for it, the rain was torrential, the roads flooded and I sat cosily in my lounge curled up with a book that took me on a roller coaster ride. I will post my review here in a post all of its own!

Seumas is a really interesting author because while his main focus seems to be crime thrillers he has also written a hilarious book called The Blogger’s Guide to Absolutely Nothing. It is described as a ‘Humorous collection of blog posts by the Blogger of the Year 2013’ and it will make you laugh till you cry. It is a delightful book and from his Confession time (Health Warning) Forward he will keep a smile on your face and perhaps inspire you to bigger things. For anyone that wants to blog, and perhaps blog well, there is much to learn from this book so its helpful as well as funny. I came across it quite by accident when I was looking for articles about blogging and that then led me to Seumas’ blog site, and then to reading his crime thriller – life moves in mysterious way!

I will try to post again a little more regularly, and in another few weeks I will be a new location and so able to post some updates that I’m am not able to post right now.

Have a great week and keep smiling. 

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